Locate an IT Services training room

IT Services have two training rooms, which are located in IT Services' new building:

31 Great George Street,
BS1 5QD.

Google Street Map and Street View

The rooms are 1.17 (Training Room) and 1.18 (Training Room).

Directions: The training rooms are on Level 1. From the main entrance foyer, which is on Level 3, take the stairs or lift down to Level 1. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and go through the double doors and turn left. The training rooms are on your right.

A University UCard is required to gain access to the building.


You will not be able to use the lift in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, due the the nature of the building, which has many steps and ramps, you will be unable to evacuate safely if you have a disability or condition that prevents you from using stairs or steep ramps unaided or only lightly supported. If you arrive at a training room and it is evident that you may not be able to evacuate yourself from the building then the University cannot guarantee your safety and you will be asked to leave the course for your own safety.

To avoid this situation, please notify any mobility issues at the point of booking a course, by using the Special Requirements section of the online booking form and/or by contacting the Training Administrator. We will then arrange a one-to-one session for you in another location.

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