Using the height-adjustable desks

Manual height-adjustable desks in 1.17 and 1.18

There is a height-adjustable trainer's desk intended to help trainers achieve a comfortable keyboard position whether seated or standing. Working while standing or in an elevated position helps the trainer to see the delegates better and vice versa.

Alternatively press and hold numbered button for preset heights:

  • Low (height 73) button 1
  • Medium (height 78) button 2
  • Medium (height 82) button 3
  • High (height 88) button 4

The desk will stop once it has reached the required height.

DON'T turn the power off to the desk. If this happens or there's a power cut, then the display will flash ‘00’ and the desk will not rise. To reset the desk press the down arrow until the desk moves  to the lowest level and hold the button in until the ‘00’ stops flashing. This should reset it, allowing it to be raised.

Full instructions for using the desk

Electrically-operated trainer's desk in TRF

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