Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Plan

Routine fire alarm tests will take place every Thursday morning at 10:30am.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

A trainer running a course or workshop in an IT Services training room is responsible for ensuring that all delegates are able to evacuate the building in the event of an emergency (and also for ensuring an orderly evacuation in the event of a non-routine alarm Fire Safety Test).

  • The nearest fire alarm point is at the end of the corridor - turn left out of the training room.
  • The nearest extinguishers are by the lift/central stairwell.
  • Do not attempt to use the lifts in the event of a fire or other emergency.
  • To evacuate:
    • Either (preferred route if not blocked): turn right out of the training room, then right at the end of the corridor. The fire exit is straight ahead (walk directly through the office). Then walk up the steps and ramp at the side of the building.
    • Or: turn left out of the training rooms and go down the stairs into the underground car park. Walk across the car park to the vehicle exit, and then follow the vehicle ramp at the side of the building.
  • The assembly area is on the grass on Brandon Hill


Building occupants will not be able to use the lift in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, due the the nature of the building, which has many steps and ramps, any person who has a disability or condition that prevents them from using stairs or steep ramps unaided or only lightly supported will not be able to evacuate safely. If such a delegate arrives at a training room then the University cannot guarantee their safety AND THE TRAINER SHOULD ASK THEM TO LEAVE THE COURSE FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY.

To avoid this situation, delegates are asked to notify any potential issues at the point of booking a course, by using the Special Requirements section of the online booking form and/or by contacting the Training Administrator. You should arrange a one-to-one training session for them in another location.

Action to be taken on discovering a fire or upon hearing a fire alarm

  • Shout ‘FIRE’;
  • Raise the alarm by breaking the glass on a RED fire alarm call point;
  • Call Security Services on 112233. Security control will call 999 on your behalf but you can always call the Fire Services directly (on 999) if you know that there is a fire (but inform Security Services that you have done this);
  • Do not return to the training room or your desk or work area to collect personal belongings;
  • Leave the building by the nearest available fire escape route;
  • Encourage others to leave;
  • Go to the assembly area and await instruction.