Contact and support for IT Services training rooms

IT Training Administrator

For all enquiries, to book an IT Training Room, and to report problems, contact:

IT Training Administrator
Admin Team
Level 2
31 Great George Street
Internal telephone 40132 External telephone (0117) 394 0132

In the case of technical problems in the training rooms

We cannot undertake to provide an immediate call-out service in the event of problems with PCs or software.

Some problems are transient and caused by events outside of the training room (for instance, service interruptions). A good first step to diagnose problems is to check the IT Services status.

If a single delegate PC is not working properly, simply move the delegate to a spare PC (if there is one). However, we would appreciate you reporting all such problems to the Training Administrator so that they can be investigated and fixed for future courses.

If a problem is more serious (eg, the trainer's PC is not working) then your best chance of getting urgent help is to ring the IT Service Desk in person and stress that the problem is preventing a course from running.

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