Meet the Team

Name Role
Patrick Townsend Faculty IT Support Team Manager
Chris Kerswell Senior IT Support Specialist
Nicola Latham Senior IT Support Specialist
Darrel Johnson Senior IT Support Specialist
Vacant IT Support Specialist
Chris Winter IT Support Specialist
Peter Kearsey IT Support Specialist
Maciej Kufciak IT Support Officer
Simon Lishman IT Support Officer
George Ody IT Support Officer (On secondment)
Aidan Bowes IT Support Officer (0.6 FTE) (Secondment to this team)
Grayham Harrison IT Support Officer
Ben Bennett Senior IT Support Technician (0.6 FTE)
Nye Fathers Senior IT Support Technician
Ben Wood Senior IT Support Technician (0.6 FTE)
Tanja Saunders IT Support Technician (0.5 FTE)
Simon Reynolds IT Support Technician
Philip Mayo IT Support Technician

For all IT service requests please contact  IT Services Service Desk. Your request will get routed to the relevant team. Using the Service Desk ensures your request is properly logged with its own audit trail to provide accountability.

If you have an immediate need for service please visit one of our offices. We will endeavour to help you there and then. However, we do still need you to log your issue with the IT Services Service Desk so that your request is accurately recorded and you are able to track its progress.