Learning resources for staff


If you prefer learning by yourself, at your own pace, you'll find resources that are suitable for self-study.

As a member of staff you are eligible to use Lynda.com which the University has subscribed to until at least July 31st 2019. (The University will be reviewing this service during 2018-19. As such, your feedback on your experiences with Lynda.com is vital and we strongly encourage you to get in touch.

Other University IT related learning resources are also available. Many include practical exercises for which we supply files with which you can practice:

There is also a lot of useful information and advice about computing elsewhere on the IT Services website, including IT information for staff.

Remember that computing is not a risk-free activity, so also be sure to take a little time to think about how to protect your computer, your data and yourself.

Taught IT courses

IT Services offers research postgraduates free hands-on courses and self-study learning resources in Access databases, digital imaging, web publishing, University systems, Microsoft Office and more.