Remote Assistance service

IT Services use remote assistance tools called "System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Remote Control Viewer" and "Teamviewer" for resolving computer problems. These tools allow staff in IT Services, with your permission, to remotely view your University PC screen (Windows / Apple Mac) to assist in fixing a problem you may have. By allowing IT staff to see what you see we can hopefully diagnose and fix problems faster and more efficiently.  Note that IT Services staff are required to initiate a session.

For a step-to-step guide taking you through the process, see our guides:.

What it can be used for

  • Problems using programs
  • Connecting to network drives (where permissions have been given)
  • Connecting printers (where permissions have been given)
  • Helping where instructions are complex
  • Diagnosing problems
  • Addressing problems on "managed systems".

What it cannot be used on

  • Personally-owned computers
  • Mobile devices, under most circumstances

Note: Many problems cannot be handled in this manner. IT Services will let you know if they think remote assistance could help. We cannot guarantee that a remote assistance session will resolve a problem or resolve it within the time available.


  • Before initiating a remote assistance session, IT Services staff will ask if you are happy for them to use remote assistance. If you say you are not happy, they will not use remote assistance but will still try to resolve your problem.
  • If you agree, please close or minimise any windows with confidential information or which you do not want visible.
  • Staff will talk you through what they are doing at every stage and seek your permission before changing any setting.
  • If at any point you are unhappy, you can end the session: close the green Configuration Manager toolbar; or click End Session in the Teamviewer toolbar.

Remote assistance policy (PDF)

To evaluate the usefulness of the service you may be asked for your feedback on using Remote Assistance.