Submitting an incident to the IT Service Desk

Submitting an incident

Resolution of incidents: Service Desk to Faculty IT Support Teams and Specialist teams.We ask all members of the University to send their IT Services queries and problems via a central Service Desk. In this way your problem, request or query can be dealt with directly or passed on quickly to the appropriate team, either local IT support in a zone or a specialist central team.

What happens next?

Where possible, the skilled staff on the IT Service Desk will attempt to resolve the problem or query.  They may also ask more questions to help resolve your query.  If it is not possible for the Service Desk staff to resolve it, they will pass the incident onto another team:

  • Faculty IT Support Teams support faculty-specific services, maintain local IT hardware and are sometimes the expert who can visit in person. There is more information about Faculty IT Support Teams.
  • Specialist teams maintain centrally supported services (including email, remote desktops and the University networks) and can fix problems with and answer more detailed questions about those services.

Please note: All queries are given an incident number which you will see quoted in an acknowledgement email when you make you initial request.  Any correspondence about the query should include the incident number in the subject line of an email.

How long will it take?

The IT Service Desk assigns a priority to your request based on impact and urgency.  This ensures teams prioritise critical queries (such as staff not being able to use their computers). It also sets a target date and time by which we expect to solve the problem or answer the question.

Tracking incidents

You can use the web Self Service to track the progress of your incidents.  This shows the progress of your request and any correspondence.  You can also add further information or question sand these will be seen by IT Services' staff looking at your incident.  Please see detailed instructions on using the self service tool.

You can also email to enquire about your incident or add further information. As long as you include the incident number in the subject of the email (e.g. by replying to an email from us), what you send us is automatically added to the incident record and will be seen by whichever team or support staff is looking at it.