Help us to help you

There are some sensible steps to take before contacting the Service Desk about an IT problem that will help us resolve your incident sooner.

Five basic checks before you contact the IT Service Desk

  1. Check the IT status page, to see if it is part of a wider issue.
  2. See if your colleagues have a similar problem.
  3. Check that the problem is still present after the machine has been restarted.
  4. For power, network, mouse or keyboard problems make sure the cables are connected securely (at both ends!). Do this when the power is off.
  5. For password problems, check your password works elsewhere.


Five pieces of information that will help us

  1. The IT Services tag number (a red, barcoded sticker labelled "IT Services" that should be found on all University hardware).

IT tab

  1. If something is not working, what are the specific symptoms and/or error messages?  What triggers the error?
  2. Is there a deadline for your query?
  3. Which of the five basic checks (above) have you tried?
  4. Further contact details if appropriate (e.g. a mobile number, the name of a colleague to act as contact or the location of the machine in question if different from yours).