Confluence wiki

If you want to login to Confluence from outside the University network, you will need to login to the University's VPN service first.


Confluence is an enterprise wiki application. It is available to all University members (students and staff) to help them collaborate online. Content is organised into spaces and all UoB members can login, edit pages and create spaces.

There are many extra features, including:

  • access control through permissions, sharings and restrictions
  • additional add-ons
  • blogs, page discussions through comments
  • user profiles
  • email notifications
  • advanced search of content
  • page and space templates

External collaboration

Space Administrators can ask for access for external users by submitting request to Please visit Invite External Users page notes for more details.

Please note that the Wiki service is no longer accessible to non-University members and staff and students who want to login to the Wiki service from outside the University network will need to login to the University's VPN service first.

Spaces in Confluence

Any member of the University can create a space within the wiki service. Information of the space can be restricted to a single individual, organisation unit, all university members or be available publicly.

  • How to create a space - the documentation will guide you through a process of space creation and help you to gain better understanding about the types of the spaces.

Each space can have one or more space administrators who are responsible to setup appropriate access rights for information available on their space. Please refer to Find out who is your space administrator page to get the contact details of the space administrators you are interested in.

In addition, you can look up for existing spaces using Confluence Space Directory.

Support Documentation

Currently no training is available for Confluence but it is fairly intuitive. We advise uses to use the Confluence user area which provides a comprehsinsive guide to various functions. In addition, the demonstration space provides some useful tutorials to get you started. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions area of confluence.

Support level

IT Services supports the technical implementation of this service. In terms of advice and guidance in using the service sufficient information is available online to provide support to ensure users of the service can set up and self-support their own wiki.

Requests for help should be sent to


Please note that failover and fallback is not available for the Confluence wiki service.