TOPdesk and ITIL

TOPdesk is designed to be ITIL-compliant and the diagram shown below will be familiar to those who have attended ITIL training. TOPdesk is a modular system and modules described here that have not yet been implemented are to be phased in over the lifetime of the TOPdesk project.

Where incident management sits within the Service Desk
Screenshot: Service Desk processes in ITIL terms.

Configuration management

We have an inventory of assets, such as hardware, software and so on – at some point something is going to break.

Incident management

Incident management is about resolving the ‘breakage’ and restoring the service back to normal.

Problem management

Analysis of multiple incidents lets us to look into the underlying causes which are triggering the incidents – that’s problem management.

Change management

Change management is a natural part of development work or the buying in of new assets that might follow on from identifying any underlying problems. Once change is implemented the cycle starts all over again with the updated inventory of assets.