TOPdesk hints and tips

Full screen mode

Turn full screen mode on or off by pressing the 'F11' key on your keyboard.

Saving cards

Each time you click on a new view or card, TOPdesk opens a new tab up at the top of the screen. TOPdesk will prompt you to save any cards which are still open if you close them, or TOPdesk down. So don't worry, you can open multiple cards and click between them without worrying about losing your work.

Refreshing the TOPdesk environment

TOPdesk doesn't automatically refresh the information displayed in your browser. If you have your 'To Do' lists up all day, you'll need to refresh them periodically. Click on the green circular refresh button to do so. Or just refresh your browser.

Open, closed, due and overdue cards

  • Open cards show in black (bold if logged today)
  • Closed cards show in black (normal)
  • Cards with a due date of today show in blue
  • Overdue cards show in red


If you filter a list in TOPdesk, for example to see closed incidents, don't forget to put it back the way it was..! Your 'To Do' lists on your home page will reflect whatever filters you've put on these lists.

Logging calls from non-University members

To log a call from a non-University member, click on the right-facing arrow button to the right of the caller's 'name' field on the card and select 'Unregistered caller'. If a staff member or student has emailed in using a personal email address, they may show as 'unregistered'. To fill in their details, change them back to 'registered'. This should let you find their details when you fill in the blank caller fields.