Service Desk (TOPdesk)

What is the Service Desk tool (TOPdesk)?

The Service Desk tool, TOPdesk,  is a system implemented at the University of Bristol to support various service management processes and functions, including the IT Service Desk.

Support enquiries are managed through this system, where incidents are logged and then assigned to the appropriate specialist group for resolution. Consistent use of the system guarantees that all enquiries are dealt with, communication to the end-users is effective and visible, and all information is accessible in the same system.

Operators use the system to log telephone enquiries, prioritise incoming incidents and assign them to the appropriate teams, and then to individual operators to deal with. An operator owning an incident will record actions against it and change the status according to the progress made, until work is complete.

In addition, the system will be used for other service management processes, such as Change Management and Asset Management.

All University staff and students’ enquiries will be logged in the system. Staff and students can access the system directly by using the Self-Service Module on the Web, as well as using phone or email. This allows them to create new incidents (enquiries) or to track what is happening with existing enquiries.

Who is using TOPdesk?

In addition to IT Services other service providers within the University are using the same system for their enquiries in which case their calls, emails requests and self-service enquiries are directly routed to them, e.g. the SSIO Systems Support and Finance Systems support.

Using TOPDesk

  • University staff and students who want to track or make new requests can use the online Self-Service tool (UoB only). Creating and tracking incidents is self-explanatory but please remember to fill in all the fields asked for, in particular the Service Provider you want to address.

        Finally, remember to click on the Register button to submit the request.register button