Support and FAQs

Paper and toner

Paper, toner and other peripherals for printers are normally arranged by the local admin team.

Canon toner is included in the maintenance contract. The local admin team can phone Canon to order it.

Printer faults (Canon)

  • Most faults are indicated on screen or with a flashing red light. Watch out for these before you set the printer to print your documents.
  • Where the problem is on the machine itself (e.g. a flashing light, persistent paper jam or an error code), a local member of staff should report the problem to Canon using the phone number on the machine. It is good practice to put a note on the device to tell other users you have done this.

Exceptions, which IT Services will address:

  • The touchscreen reports that it cannot reach the server.
  • No user (or one specific user) cannot login.
  • A Canon engineer has asked you to contact us.

Printer faults (non-Canon)

Please report any fault with a non-Canon printer, where you cannot fix it yourself, to IT Services.