Print Release

Print Release is an easy way to send documents to print and then collect them at a time of your choosing from a Canon printer/photocopier.

Using Print Release

Documents sent to the Print Release queues will not immediately print out but are stored for up to 16 hours, during which time they can be ‘released’ from any Print Release enabled printer/copier ('MFDs'). Choose a convenient printer to collect your documents from, login to it using your UCard and decide which documents to print. If a printer is out of service then simply find another and collect it from that.

Send to printer

With Print Release there will be a queue for colour documents and one for black and white. Simply choose the queue depending on what you whether you want colour prints or not.

Collect from printer

Login to a Print Release printer either by placing your UCard onto a reader or by typing your UOB username and password at the printer logon screen. You will then see the following screen; select the “Print” button:  You can scan or photocopy if you choose the "Scan/Copy" button.

This will bring up the Print Release menu. Here you can see the documents that you have sent to the Print Release queues.

Touch individual documents to select them or choose "Select All", then press "Print+Delete". Those documents will then print, be removed from the queue and, for taught students, you will be charged accordingly. You can also delete one or more printouts by selecting them and using the "Delete" button.

For security, select the "Logout" button once you have printed. If you do not do this then you will remain logged in and others would be able to release your document or photocopy using your print credits.