Print credit

Before taught students can use most open access printers and copiers across the University you will need Print Credit, as each printout or photocopy costs a small amount. This charge is for sustainability reasons, to reduce the environmental impact of wasting paper and other consumables. Money spent on Print Credits is spent on maintaining and improving the printing system, along with other IT services used by students.


  • 5p per side of A4 black and white printing or photocopying
  • 10p per side of A3 black and white printing or photocopying
  • 20p per side of A4 colour printing or photocopying
  • 40p per side of A3 colour printing or photocopying

If you have enough Print Credit then you will be able to print or copy, if not then your documents will not print and you will not be charged. If a document has not printed then the check that you have sufficient credit in the first instance. You can do this in MyBristol, the University portal.

How to buy Print Credit

Note 1: Staff and research students are not charged for printing. If you are registered as staff or a PGR, please do not try to add credit to your account.

Note 2: You cannot add credit until your print account is created. Your print account may not be created until you have sent a document to print. When created we will add £2 to your account.

Note 3: Refunds cannot be given for unused Print Credit.

Online payments

You can add credit online. There is minimum payment value of £5 and a maximum (per transaction) of £50. Only whole GBP can be paid into the account. There is no commission or handling charge - the whole payment is added to the student's account. See the Online Payment FAQs for help.

Purchasing Print Credits for groups of students

Staff may place orders for the purchase of Print Credits for groups of students, perhaps for use on a particular module or project. If you wish to do this, send an email to with the subject: "Purchase of PAS credits". The minimum amount to purchase is £50.

In the body of the message:

  • state the course or module (or other reason) for which the Print Credits are being purchased
  • the total amount of credit (in pounds)
  • the Charge code (for University internal transfer) to be billed.
You will need to attach to the message a spreadsheet containing the list of UOB usernames.
If you wish to allocate different amount's of credit to different groups of users, please separate these into different requests.

Please allow three working days for the credit to take place.

Please note: Print credit purchased for students by departments is non-transferable & non-refundable