Print Release printers

Collecting Print Release printouts

You can 'release' printouts sent via Print Release at Canon printer/photocopiers at the following locations. Look out for the red Print Release signs on printers.

Print Release
15-19 Tyndalls Park Road
Computer rooms LG11 and LG12
43 Woodland Road
1st floor Undergraduate Reception Room
7 Woodland Road
Basement computer room 1
19 Woodland Road
Languages Multimedia Centre, Room 1.04 Colour
Arts and Social Sciences Library
Back of the ground floor Colour
Café at front of the ground floor
Short loans section
First floor printing area
Badock Hall
Main Building Computer Room Colour
Pennington Room, Jubilee Building Colour
Careers Centre, Tyndall Avenue
Welcome area Colour
CELF, The Richmond Building
Photocopier area behind reception desk Colour
Chantry Court
Entrance foyer Colour
Chemistry Building
Worsley Chemistry LibraryColour
Computer room W414 Colour
Churchill Hall
Computer Room Colour
Clifton Hill House
Library Colour
Computer Centre, 5 Tyndall Avenue
Computer Room Colour
Deans Court
Study Space near entrance Colour
Dental School
CAL suite, Research and Study centre
Drama, Wickham Theatre
Ground floor photocopier room
Grace Reeves Study CentreColour
Geographical Sciences photocopier room Colour
Goldney Hall
Reading Room Colour
Graduate School of Education
Education Library Colour
The Hawthorns
The Refectory Colour
Study Lounge Colour
Student Lounge (residential) Colour
Hiatt Baker
Study Spaces Colour
Langford - Churchill Building
Veterinary Sciences Library Colour
Life Sciences Building
Biological Sciences Library
Ground Floor Learning Resources Centre, G08
Manor Hall
Computer Room Colour
Medical Library
Main Library
Computer room area Colour
Merchant Venturer's Building
Lower AtriumColour
Upper AtriumColour
Northwell House
Student Common Room Colour
Library Colour
Queen's Building
Queen's LibraryColour
Outside rooms 1.59/1.60 Colour
Room 1.16Colour
Room 1.19Colour
Senate House Study Centre
Both wings Colour
University Hall
Computer Room Colour
Veterinary school, Southwell Street
Print Room 3.37 Colour
Victoria Rooms
First floor landing
Wills Hall
Computer Room Colour
Wills Memorial Building
Wills Library Colour
Earth Sciences printer room G18A Colour
Winkworth House
Joint Common Room Colour
Woodland Court
Student Common Room Colour