Direct printing

Open access computers in many study spaces are set to print directly to specific printers nearby. These can be seen when choosing to print or by searching for them on the desktop, (Start - Devices & Printers on Windows 7). You will need Print Credit before printing


  • Use Print Preview (where available) to check what your print out will look like before you send it to a printer.
  • Many printers will print on both sides of a page by default (duplexing). This can be changed in the software or printer properties before you print.
  • Check that you request the number of copies you require.
  • When printing full-text PDFs (from electronic journals, etc) that have loaded in your browser, use the print icon in the PDF window rather than File > Print; otherwise you may print a blank page. Do not close the browser window until your page has printed.
  • If you cannot print, first check that you have Print Credit, even if you think you have some remaining. The cost of the document being printed may exceed your balance and therefore not print.