Printing, scanning and photocopying

Print release

Most of the University uses large multi-function-devices (MFDs) for printing, photocopying and scanning. These are found in most areas of the University, both staff and student.

Documents sent to the Print Release queues will not immediately print out but are stored for up to 16 hours, during which time they can be ‘released’ from any Print Release enabled MFD. Choose a convenient printer to collect your documents from, login to it using your UCard and decide which documents to print. If a printer is out of service then simply find another and collect it from that.

Other printers

The University has some non-print release printers where required. These are typically HP, and do not have a card reader attached. There may be specific instructions or limitations for these printers.

These printers normally need to be installed before use. See Non-Print Release printers.

If you select to print to one of these printers, your document will normally just print immediately. These printers are normally not charged.

New printers

Print Services holds further information for purchasing print devices.

Print to PDF

Most University computers have Microsoft Print to PDF or a similar option installed. If you choose this, you will be given a choice of filename and location and it will then save your document as a PDF.

Microform and microfilm

A self-service microfilm and microfiche reader/printer facilities is available on the first floor of the Arts and Social Sciences Library. This requires an EMOS photocopier card, which can be purchased from the ASSL Information Point. Copies cost 5p each.