What is the DataHub?

The DataHub is a centrally managed Oracle database which provides an easy means of extracting, consolidating and reporting management information from the University's main administrative systems. It brings together data from different sources and offers a stable database that can be read by all relevant people in the University. It contains data about staff, students and other people associated with the University, the organisational structure and unit catalogue. The data is drawn from several different sources - including the SITS student system, the Library system and the computer registration database - and linked together to create a cohesive database. The data is generally updated nightly, although some data is refreshed more frequently.

The first version of the DataHub was completed in September 2003 and the second version was released in the summer of 2005. It is in regular use by many departments for departmental administration (for example Geography, Engineering Faculty, Information Systems and Computing), and for creating web pages (for example Law, Medical Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Information Services).