How do I get an account?

Types of Account

Three types of account exist for the DataHub:

  • Application Central accounts are only available to Information Services staff for pan-university applications. It will be the account holder's responsibility to ensure that only authorised users have access to the sensitive data as detailed in the security model.
  • Application Local accounts are available to users who are creating department-specific applications. Owing to the data restrictions within the security model, it is not permitted for departmental accounts to access data which is classified as confidential or strictly confidential. In these cases, the different users using the departmental login will each be allocated an individual staff login, which will be given the appropriate access levels.
  • Individual Staff accounts are available for all individual staff members within the University who require access to administrative data.

Requesting an Account

To request a new DataHub account, e-mail providing the following details:

Information Required Comments
Used By Who/what application is using the username.
Created For Who requested the username.
Primary Contact Person responsible for the connection. Can be contacted regarding queries about data on sites/applications using this DataHub connection.
Contact Person ID PERSON_ID of primary contact (if member of university).
Notes Any further information about the user, or the application(s) relating to it. For individual staff, details of any access requirements to classified information.
Used By One of the following account types (as defined above):
1) Application Central
2) Application Local
3) Individual Staff
URL Application URL (if applicable).

Access will then be granted and your account and connection details will then be provided.

Requesting an INDIVIDUAL:STAFF Account to View Confidential Data

If you are using a Departmental account, the DataHub Security Model will limit the data you can see to include both open and public data. If you need to see confidential and strictly confidential, you will need to have an individual account created.
For this you will need to e-mail with the following details:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Department
  • Information Required (i.e. the tables and columns you require access to)
  • Reasons for requiring access to the information

The request for access to confidential information will then be passed to the relevant data guardian who will confirm whether access can be granted in conjunction with the Universities Data Protection Policy. You will then be notified of the outcome, at which point your individual account will be created with the appropriate permission and you will be notified of the new login details.


  • As the DataHub is a database, using it requires some understanding of database tools (ODBC, a RDBMS package - e.g., Microsoft Access, designing and building queries (using SQL or Access query designer or wizards).
  • Several training courses are available on the subject of 'Using and designing Access databases', which can be found on the staff development website.
  • Further set-up of your local database might be required in order to use the DataHub. This can be done by Information Services, via the person responsible for supporting your local database.