fluff: for guests

The fluff service has been enhanced to allow people who are not members of the University to upload files. However, they must be given permission to do so by a member of the University (their "sponsor").

How does it work?

The sponsor requests a "guest authentication URL" via the fluff guest authentication web form. This requires a username and password. At the same time, the sponsor is asked to provide a "guest identifier". This needs to be between 3 and 8 characters long, and serves to identify the sender of the file(s).

The web form returns a URL, into which are encoded the sponsor's username, the guest identifier, the date and time, and a validator (a random string of letters and numbers). This URL should be forwarded to the guest user.

When the guest user wishes to upload files, they simply visit the URL which you have sent to them. The URL is validated, to ensure it has not been tampered with, and the user is then allowed access. Beyond this point, their use of fluff is essentially the same as for University members. The main difference is that the user is unable to obtain lists of files owned by their sponsor, or to change or delete them.

Once a guest has uploaded a file, it will be scanned for viruses in the normal way and an email will be sent to the sponsor notifying him/her of the newly uploaded file.

What information do you have for guest users?

The page fluff: An introduction for guest users explains what the fluff service is.

How do I give feedback on the service?

Contact fluff admin (fluff-admin@bristol.ac.uk).