Facility for the Upload of Large Files (fluff) FAQs

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Go to the Facility for the Upload of Large Files (fluff) (http://www.bristol.ac.uk/fluff/) to use the service.

What is fluff?

This service is intended to allow users to distribute large files to others (both within and outside the University) without transmitting the files by email.

The user uploads the file via a web form, and is then sent an email containing a URL from which the intended recipients can download a copy of the file. The intention is that instead of sending the file itself, the originator can simply mail a URL.

The files uploaded to this server are kept for up to fourteen days before being automatically removed.

For further information, please visit the fluff user area, or go to the fluff tool (http://www.bristol.ac.uk/fluff/).

Who can use fluff?

Any member of the University can use the service.

Where does the name 'fluff' come from?

The main parts of the functionality are 'upload', 'large' and 'files'. Adding an 'F' suggests 'fulf', but that's not a word, so we got 'fluff'. 'Facility' is a convenient word beginning with 'F' that fits in nicely. 'Facility For the Upload of Large Files' becomes FFULF, but if you reverse it, it comes out as 'FLUFF'. We normally write it in lower-case because capitals can look aggressive, and fluffy things are nicer and more calming!

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What are the data security issues with using fluff?

See the separate data security issues page.

Is there any way to use fluff in reverse, so someone outside the University can send me files?

Yes. 'fluff for guests' was made available on 17th May 2004.

What is the maximum size of file I can upload using fluff?

This is currently set to 2000 MB.

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What can I do if the file I want to distribute is over the maximum size limit?

See the separate page: files that are too big for fluff.

Can I get fluff to keep my files available for more than two weeks?

There are no current plans to extend the retention period beyond two weeks.

I need to retrieve a file that has already been deleted from fluff. What can I do?

You need to contact the person who uploaded the file originally, and ask them to re-upload it. As a matter of policy, we do not restore such files except at the explicit request of the original uploader. Files are always uploaded to fluff with an explicit expiration date, and the uploader can choose to delete files before they expire. This being so, we cannot make assumptions that the uploader is still happy for a file to be downloaded once the file is no longer available via fluff.

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Is fluff available via IPv6?

Yes! Access via IPv6 was enabled on 6th June 2012 (World IPv6 Launch day).

Can I suggest improvements to the fluff service?

By all means! It may be possible to make simple changes to fluff fairly quickly, but changes requiring architectural changes will obviously take much longer. Please mail requests to fluff-admin@bristol.ac.uk.

What do I do if I have a question that is not answered here?

Mail questions to fluff-admin@bristol.ac.uk

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