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Information about MyFiles

In September 2018 MyFiles (O:) for Undergraduate and Taught Post Graduates is being replaced with OneDrive for Business, which works with our new Windows 10 computers.   Users who had files and folders in their MyFiles spaces will have had these documents copied to their OneDrive folder and you will find these in your Documents folder / OneDrive folder on Windows 10 computers.   You can also access them directly from the web, iOS or Android mobile devices or from your own computer. See more about One Drive


Staff will continue to have access to their O: drive until they are migrated to Windows 10 (to be completed by the end of 2019).


For a limited time, we will provide all users a small amount of space in an "empty" MyFiles / O: drive for compatibility with Windows 7.   This is to enable undergraduate users to logon to any Windows 7 computers and is not intended to hold user files.