Microsoft Access Database Information

IT Services does not develop Access databases nor provide Access database design/development as a service. Access databases are designed, built and maintained by the end user and any Access database designed and built (or inherited) should be thought of in terms of having a limited (and planned) life-span.​​ IT Services strongly recommend that you consult with us before you consider using Access for anything other than personal (i.e. single user) use.

Access is a ‘light-weight’ database package, which should only be used for relatively simple record keeping purposes.

  • Access should not be used for complex ‘workflow’ applications.
  • You should never use​ Access for 'mission-critical' processes.​​​​
  • You should never store confidential or secret information in an Access database.
  • If you have a business requirement to get access to data for reporting and want to discuss getting reports or working with data please contact the IT Service Desk on