Inviting a Sympa list to Outlook calendar

While Sympa and Outlook have no direct links, it is still possible to invite a mailing list to an event in Outlook calendar, so each member of the mailing list receives the invitation.


  1. Outlook won’t show attendees invited via Sympa until they have responded to the invite. If you email a list with 200 people and five of them respond (Accept, Tentative or Decline) then only those five will be visible in the event. Those five would, however, be listed under their own names.
  2. Anyone invited via a Sympa list will not be able to see the agenda.
  3. The calendar must be able to send an invite to the mailing list. If a change needs to be made to the list, this will require the participation of one of the list owners. See below.

Situation one: Using your own calendar

One of the following situations will apply regarding the mailing list being used:

  1. The mailing list is already configured so that anybody can email it. No changes needed.
  2. You are already configured to send to the mailing list. No changes needed.
  3. The list owner will need to add you as a moderator or subscriber of the list as appropriate

Using a Room/resource calendar

Where, and only where, staff are able to book the calendar directly they can use Sympa to invite the room to a meeting. One of the following options will apply regarding the mailing list being used

A. The list is already configured so anybody can email it. No changes are needed.

B. Configure the list so anybody can email it. No changes are needed.

Set the list to “Public list, BCC rejected”.

  1. Follow step (1) at
    … making a note of the previous setting
  2. Invite the list to the event in Outlook calendar
  3. Reverse the change made to the mailing list.

C. Add the calendar as a moderator to the list

  1. Find the email address for the calendar
    • In Outlook desktop, open the address book
    • Find the calendar (typically under Rooms)
    • Look in the final column for the email address.
  2. Add that address as a moderator as per