Privacy options

List visibility options

In 'List definition' (in the 'Admin'/'Edit List Config' section) you can change whether the list can be searched for in Sympa.

List visbility settings
Screenshot: list visbility settings.

The only recommended options are:

  • 'no conceal (noconceal)' - this is searchable.
  • 'conceal except for subscribers (conceal)' - this is not searchable: members, moderators and owners of the list will see the list on their Sympa home page.

Recommended privilege settings

In 'Privileges' (in the 'Admin'/'Edit List Config' section) there are a number of settings relating to joining or leaving a list. Depending on the list type selected the following are likely the default settings for privacy:

  • Anybody can request to join as a subscriber (requires approval from owner/moderator)
  • Subscribers can unsubscribe
  • The list can be searched for by anybody logged into Sympa.
  • Anybody logged in can see the list information:
    • The owners and moderators can be seen
    • All subscribers can browse the archives
    • news-letter - subscribers cannot see who else subscribes.

Please note: there should always be a mechanism in place for unsubscribing users.