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Due to recent changes, if you are completing any of the tasks below from outside the University, you will need to connect to the VPN first.

From 1 July, please use Office 365 alternatives. Sympa is due to be replaced by December 2019.

See the Moving away from Sympa page for more information.

Requesting a mailing list is a simple process, but requires following strict rules as regards naming of the list, as covered below.  Some thought must also be given to deciding on the List type, as this determines how your mailing list will work.

To request the creation of a mailing list:

Click on the Create List tab
Screenshot: click on the 'Create list' tab.
  1. Go to the Mailing list homepage and log on.
  2. In the top menu, click on Create list (if this link does not display, it means that you do not have the privileges to create a list).
  3. Give your list a name:
    Assign a name to your list following the rules below
    Screenshot: assign a name to your list following the rules below.
    • Do not include as part of the name - see example screenshot above;
    • Do not use spaces, accents or special characters (except a hyphen);
    • Mailing list names should follow the same guidance as delegate mailboxes - see guidance on naming delegate mailboxes.
  4. Choose a list type among the predefined types - see guidance on choosing a list type.
  5. Enter a subject for your list.
  6. Choose the best fit of department/team from the 'Topic' dropdown menu.
  7. Enter a description for your list that includes, where necessary:
    • Operation of the list (liabilities, status of the list, etc.);
    • Rules applying;
    • Description of typical subscribers (occupations, projects managed, and so on).
  8. Click on Submit your creation request.
Add a description of your list
Screenshot: add a description of your list.

Please note: you can format your list description with HTML tags but, if your description is long, cut it with manual line breaks (i.e. by pressing Enter on your keyboard), otherwise it might not be entirely visible in your browser window.

What happens now?

  1. You will receive an email entitled Creation of the listname list, informing you when your list has been created.
  2. The Service Desk will need to approve your list. You will receive an email when it has been approved, or you may be asked to use a different name. Please allow three working days for this step.
  3. The following working day after approval, you will be able to send to your list.
  4. Fine tune your list to work the way that you want it to - see Standard configurations based on list use for different recommended settings based on list usage.
  5. You may want to subscribe yourself to your new list - if so, login to Sympa, select the new list and click on Subscribe

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