Getting started

From 1 July, please use Office 365 alternatives. Sympa is due to be replaced by December 2019.

See the Moving away from Sympa page for more information.

If you want to create a new mailing list, these are the steps you need to take.

Create a new list

  1. Login to Sympa - see advice on logging in to Sympa
  2. Create the list - see Request new mailing list

Note: don’t worry about the type of list too much here. You can change it later when configuring it to do exactly what you want (see section below). If in doubt, choose news-letter.

Configure the list

  1. Choose the relevant standard configuration (if not already done on asking for the list to be created - see section above) - see advice on standard configurations
  2. Add list owners (and moderators) - see advice on adding list owners and moderators
  3. Add subscribers - see advice on adding subscribers
  4. Add relevant privacy options - see advice on privacy options

Once your request has been submitted, it needs to be approved by IT Services. Please allow three working days. You will be emailed when the list is approved. Users can email your mailing list the working day following approval.

Email the list