Student move to Office 365

Move to Outlook from Gmail

All taught students (with the exception of first years and those leaving in 2019) should move from using Gmail to Outlook by mid-June 2019.

Google accounts are going in 2019

Taught students will lose access to their UoB Google accounts at the start of the new academic term and Research students will lose access in December 2019.

You must move your files and other content from Google before the new academic term or you will risk losing them.

If you are using any of the Google Apps for your University work or your Google logins to access third party websites or software, please use the button above to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please email

Month by month timeline for moving taught students from Gmail to Outlook

The diagram shows a timeline of what services are available to students and when. Please refer to the months at the top of the diagram as this indicates how long you will retain the service listed on the left-hand side. There are different scenarios for different students; effectively the services available for current students graduating before or during 2019 will not change but all students will move to Outlook by the end of 2019.

* Opt-in start date subject to confirmation