Microsoft Outlook email and calendar issues

Some key issues have been flagged up to us that we're currently working to resolve:

  • Calendars that were attached to individual accounts in Gmail aren't currently available. We’re working to restore access to these calendars.
  • Some rooms have the wrong names. Please contact the Service Desk if this affects you and we will fix the name.
  • It's currently not possible to lock down access to a room. A process for this will be available soon.
  • If the owner of a shared mailbox has left the University, the data has not been migrated. Please get in touch if this affects you.
  • People with email accounts for their role (like Deans) may find that Proactis/Sympa messages go to their personal email rather than their role email.
  • There are problems with some migrated calendar entries: notifications can go to the wrong people and responses to invitations may not work correctly. These problems only apply to old meetings and will naturally lessen over time.

Further answers to commonly occurring questions:



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