What you may need to do later

Please note that the following tables are subject to change as workarounds and solutions are discovered for current migration issues. You may want to revisit this page closer to the switch over date.

To do later when or if necessary

Issue/task What you need to know and/or do
'​Conversation view' is the default in Outlook email ​We can't migrate your individual defaults, so have chosen to set 'Conversation view' as on. If you don't want it on, turn it off.
Working hours, if set. does not migrate ​​If you set your working hours in Google calendar, this will not migrate across (note that this is not the same as blocking out time for non-work days, but is for those who have greyed out their non-work hours via Google's settings).
Some conversations might be merged Two email conversations years apart will be grouped in one conversation if they have the same subject (e.g. "Re: meeting"). Only affects conversation view though, otherwise they'll just show as individual emails.
  • See above for links to information on turning conversation view on or off.
​I'm still using Google Drive, etc. How do I access it if I can't access Gmail? Note that only Gmail and Google calendar are being switched off. Other Google apps will remain available for a while. You can access your University Google apps by going to https://www.google.co.uk/ and signing in from there. Use the long version of your username to sign in, e.g. abcde@bristol.ac.uk.
Microsoft Office 365 Groups

You may notice Groups on the left-hand side of Outlook underneath your email folders and in other Office 365 locations.

Groups is a new Microsoft service that allows members of an ad hoc team, project or function to easily set up a collection of resources using Office 365 tools. Learn more about Office 365 Groups.