Read list archive

If you are completing any of the tasks below from outside the University, you will need to connect to the VPN first.

To read the messages sent to a list, you have two options:

  • Read the messages you receive in your email inbox
  • Read the list archive online using the mailing list web interface

To read the list archive online, do as follows:

The Archive link
Screenshot: the 'Archive' link.
  1. Go to the Mailing List homepage and log on.
  2. Go to the information page of the list whose archive you want to read.
  3. In the left menu, click on Archive to display the message index for the current month

Presentation of messages

The Archive page
Screenshot: the 'Message Archive' page.

The page always displays the latest messages (if there are no messages during the current month, the messages for the last active month are displayed).  When there are too many messages to be displayed on a single page only the latest messages display by default. 

You can change pages by clicking on the arrow links around the current page's number: the < arrow displays older messages; the > arrow displays newer messages; the << link displays the oldest messages; the >> link displays the latest messages.

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Thread and chronological order

By default, messages are displayed as threads and are gathered according to their subject.  This way, all answers to a given message are displayed just below the thread's first message.  (It is possible for two messages to have the same subject without being related - these will be displayed as if they belonged to the same thread.)

To toggle between displaying messages chronologically and by thread:

  1. Click Chronological to view list in chronological order.
  2. Click Thread to view list in thread view.

Please note: the chronological display setting only applies whilst you read the messages of that particular month - when you change month, the list defaults back to thread view.

Browsing through the messages

You can read messages by clicking on the subject line and then browse through the messages by thread or chronological view (see section above).  When there are too many messages to be displayed on a single page, you are brought to the index page displaying the message you just read, and not to the page displaying the latest messages.

To return to the messages index:

  1. Click on Chronological or Thread according to the list view you want.

To look at another month's archive:

  1. Click on the number of the month in the calendar at the top left of your screen.

Please note: when you are on a message page, the calendar does not display.

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Links and attachments

Normally, every link contained in a message is clickable - just click on it to view the linked resource.

Please note: when you click on a link contained in a message, you leave the mailing list environment.  If you do not want to do that, open the link in a new window or tab by holding down Shift on your keyboard when you click on the link.  Leaving the mailing list environment does not mean that you log out - your logout depends on the value you set for the Connection expiration period in your preferences.

Attached files are displayed at the bottom of the message.

To download an attached file:

  1. Click on its name.

Replying to a message from the mailing list web interface

Reply to a message using the web interface
Screenshot: reply to a message using the web interface.

To reply to a message directly from the mailing list web interface:

  1. Click on Reply at the top, right-hand side of the message.

Please note: after clicking on Reply, you will not be able to change the recipient so be very careful when choosing between the message's sender and the list (i.e. all subscribers).  This method is not very flexible because from the mailing list web interface you cannot add or change some recipients, add an attachment or format the messages you send.  You might prefer to use an email client or a webmail tool instead.

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