If you are undertaking any of these tasks from outside the University, you will need to connect to the VPN first.

With a moderated list, messages sent to the list are not automatically distributed to the subscribes. Instead a moderator has to approve or reject the message. Approved messages are distributed, whilst rejected messages are not.

After sending a message to a list:

  • Subscribers are automatically notified by email that their message will be moderated
  • Moderators receive a notice message from Sympa, which includes the message to be moderated. They can follow the instructions in the email to moderate the message.

Moderating messages through the Sympa website

To moderate a message via the Sympa web interface:

Moderate a message using the web interface
Screenshot: moderate a message within Sympa.
  1. Click on Message in the Moderate submenu to open a page displaying all messages to be moderated.
  2. Click on the message subject to read it.

When you have read the message you have three options:

Decide whether to distribute or reject the message
Screenshot: decide whether to distribute or reject the message.
  • Authorize the message distribution on the list ('Distribute')
  • Reject the message without notifying the sender ('Reject')
  • Reject the message and notify sender (this option is preferable to the above option) ('Notified reject')

With the 'Notified reject' option, the message sent to the subscriber can be customised - refer to the Customise your lists page for further information.

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Multiple moderators on the same list

If there is more than one moderator, any one can decide whether or not to distribute a message.  If you try to moderate a message that has already been moderated,  Sympa tells you that the message has already been moderated. 

Deleting messages after they have been moderated and distributed

You can delete messages after they have been moderated and distributed to the list (this is also useful with un-moderated lists).

To delete a message that has been distributed:

Tag a message for deletion
Screenshot: tag a message for deletion.
  1. Search for the message in the online message archive.
  2. When you have found it, click on Tag this mail for deletion (in the upper right corner of the message).
  3. On the confirmation message that displays click on OK.

Please note: this operation is irreversible - if you delete a message, you cannot retrieve it.

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