What can I do with Google Drive and Docs?

What can I use Drive and/or Docs for?

Task Comments
Creating quick, early drafts of documents or discussion papers You can create a document within Google Docs, and share it with colleagues for comment or amending. This is much easier than emailing an attachment and using Word's track changes feature. In Google Docs several people can edit simultaneously along with a full revision history to undo any amends.
Sharing with people inside and outside the University When you create a file in Google Docs or upload a document into Google Drive you have a number of options to share the document. You can specify who has access as well as the level of access, from read only to edit and comment. This includes sharing with those outside the University.
Convenient access Access copies of meeting papers in advance by storing them on Google Drive and then accessing them on your laptop or mobile device during the meeting.
Sharing large files Google Drive makes it easy to share files. You can share files of up to 10GB.  Please note that total storage capacity in Google Drive is 30GB but this is shared with your Gmail account.

What shouldn't I use Drive and/or Docs for?

Task Comments
Long term storage, formal record keeping or archiving Google Docs has simple revision history and comment functions, but it's not somewhere you would store formal records. In addition, when individual members of staff leave the University all documents in Google Drive are deleted unless a request is made to transfer ownership. Please see details of the storage options available to meet these needs.
Preparing high quality printed publications Don’t use Google Docs to prepare high quality printed documents where the look and layout is as important as the content. Instead use desktop publishing software, or Microsoft Office with one of the University visual identity templates.
Storing absolutely everything There is a limit of 30GB of storage space per person in Google Drive, though this is shared with your Gmail account. This covers files of any type you upload. However, you can store unlimited documents in Google's own native Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations formats.
Long term research data storage or where funding bodies have strict security restrictions in place for research data storage The University has specific storage facilities for research data of this kind. See information on the Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF).