Google apps at Bristol

As part of the Digital Bristol Programme, the University is moving from Google applications to Microsoft Office 365.

Google decommissioning in 2019

Google apps - including Google Drive and Google Docs - will be replaced by Office 365 tools as part of the Digital Bristol Programme.

  • All new students and staff will not be provisioned with a Google account.
  • Existing taught students will lose access to their Google account in the summer of 2019.
  • Staff and PGRs will lose access to their Google account by the end of 2019.

View the timeline for decommissioning Google tools in 2019 (PDF, 113kb).

Google applications and their Microsoft alternatives

The Google apps below will not be available once the Google accounts are closed, so you should use the Microsoft alternatives.

Google applications and their Microsoft alternatives
Google tool Alternative tool Notes
Google Drive OneDrive for Business Export your files and data from Google Drive into OneDrive using Google Takeout. Advice is available on whether to store information in OneDrive or an Office 365 Group (PDF).
Google Sheets Microsoft Excel Export data as for Google Drive above.
Google Docs Microsoft Word Export data as for Google Drive above.
Google Forms Microsoft Forms Simple secure forms can be created within Microsoft Forms, more complex forms could be recreated using Online Surveys from Jisc, but do check to see if your Faculty, School or Division already has an account with this service.

Additional applications

The Google applications below can still be used, however you will not have a University Google account associated with them in future.

Google applications and their alternatives
Google tool Notes
Google Search You can carry on using Google search.
Google Chrome Chrome will not disappear and you can carry on using it.
Chrome Bookmarks If your bookmarks are tied to your University account in Google Chrome, you can back-up those bookmarks and import them into the copy of Edge on your computer or import them into the copy of Chrome on your computer.
Google Maps You can continue to find places on Google Maps and use it for route-planning. You could also use Windows Maps, which is preinstalled on all Windows 10 PCs.
Google Scholar Detailed advice is available.
Google Analytics Further advice to follow.

Collaborating with external partners

Guidance is available if you are collaborating with other institutions that are still using Google or have created materials in Google to collaborate with people at other institutions.

Use of your Google Account to sign in to other sites or apps

If you have used your University Google Account to log in to third-party sites and apps, you may lose access once Google has been decommissioned. You can check the permissions for your University Google Account and manage any saved passwords in your account.

University advice for using a non-UoB Google account

  • To create a new Google account go to - you can specify an existing email address or choose to create a new Gmail one, but note that you cannot re-use your UoB email address.
  • Use a different password for your Google account than the one you use for your main UoB account.
  • Do not use this or any other personal email account to conduct university business.
  • The account you create with Google will not form a formal contract between them and the University. It will not be suitable for handling personal and sensitive information. Be aware of your obligations under the Outsourcing and Third Party compliance policy if applicable.

Further information is available on the Information Security website.

Any other questions

If you have any questions, please attend a drop-in clinic or contact us.