Software self-service

To use Software Centre, click on the Microsoft 'Start' button, type 'Software Center' (as spelled here, though without the speech marks) and select the application when it's name appears in the list above.

Please note: We are aware of intermittent problems with accessing content on the tabs below. If you encounter this problem please click the 'Skip to content' link in the top left of the screen. This should allow you to see the content.

Installing software using the Software Centre is simple and pain free:
  • Software self-service lets staff with Windows PCs install many applications whenever it suits them.
  • In most cases installation is completely automated, you just need to start the install.
  • You don't need Elevated User Rights (EUR) or Administrator access to install software from the Software Center
  • Under certain circumstances it may be possible to install applications from the Software Centre when you're away from the University, however the process will be most reliable when the computer is connected to the University network (wired or wireless)

When the Software Center opens, you will see a screen similar to that shown below.

We will continue to make as much software as possible available via Self Service, but what appears in the list is dependant upon license or other restrictions. If you have any questions or want to request installation of software that does not appear in the list, please contact the Service Desk.

  • Applications: shows the software options available for you to install.
  • Installation Status: shows any software you select for install as it goes through the installation process. It also shows any failed installations. Some items that are deployed automatically are also shown here.
  • Options/Device Compliance/Operating Systems: please leave all options here as default - do not be tempted to change any of these settings as they are not currently in use

Software Search

The Software Center search box (top right) finds matches in the Name, Publisher, and Description fields, so you can type in a software or manufacturer name, or even a version number.

The search is not case-sensitive, so 'microsoft' and 'Microsoft' will both work.

Software List

The software list shows all the software available to install on the computer you're using or, if you used the 'Search' field, it will display those items that match your search.

Each item may contain other details to differentiate between different distributions, configurations, or license states. The status for an item will change when downloading, installing, and after completion. A finished installation should show as Installed if successful, or Failed if not.

Once you have chosen software for install and clicked on the 'Install' button, the bottom section of the screen shows additional information tags. Most is self-explanatory, but it is worth knowing more about some of the categories:

  • Status: when you click 'Install' this changes from Available to show how the installation is going. If it finishes up as Installed then all is well. If it finishes up stating Failed click on 'Status' to see the error message.
  • Help document: when available this provides a link to information about the application.
  • Restart required: most options should not require a restart; any that do will prompt when a restart is needed (see section below for further information).
  • Description: this in most cases contains a reference to the UoB Software Tier to which the software is assigned.

Important installation information

  1. You can select multiple items to install at the same time.
  2. Do not log out or restart your machine while installation is under way unless prompted by Software Center or informed by the 'Status' tag.
  3. Most installations run without needing your input, but we recommend that you keep the Software Center open and periodically check the 'Status' tag of your selected install in case there are any actions prompted.
  4. If a restart is required this will show up both in the Software Center itself (see first image below) and you will also receive notice that a restart is required via the Notification area (see second image below). Please note that after Windows restarts, you must login before the install will continue.

Please check the following possibilities before contacting the IT Service Desk:
  • If the Software Center shows no software available, your computer may not yet have connected to the back-end database. If this does not resolve within 10-15 minutes please contact the IT Service Desk.
  • When connecting to your computer remotely (this does not include using the remote desktop service) the Software Center may not correctly load the list of available software. If you encounter this issue, restart the remote computer and connect again, or wait until you are able to log on locally again.

If you receive an error message either from the install or during the download process, or an application appears to have installed properly but is missing features or licensing information, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.