IT Services and Macs

The University recognises that a significant and increasing number of its members use Apple computers.  IT Services have established a team of staff dedicated to improving our Mac and macOS support infrastructure.

We currently offer the following benefits to users of University Mac computers:


  • Costing and procurement at the Apple Higher Education Discount
  • Advice on performance and specification requirements for purchasers of new Macs
  • 3 year warranty included as standard on all purchases of Apple desktops and laptops


  • A fast turnaround on configuring new devices such that they can integrate with University resources, whilst requiring minimal support
  • Systems set up to comply with University Information Security Policy, such as installation of anti-malware, encryption of laptop hard drives, and secure recording of encryption details
  • Provide advice for best practice on device security and backup
  • Pre-installation of macOS-compatible University licensed software
  • Secure disposal at end-of-life

Incident support:

  • Support/troubleshooting of software problems
  • Hardware support and repair via local contracted Apple Warranty Repair Specialists to ensure rapid resolution
  • Self-help web pages for common Mac-related issues relating to integration with the University IT infrastructure

Getting Help:

If you don't find the answer to your Mac-related problem on these pages, contact the Service Desk.