Obtaining University Software for your Mac

Unlike Windows PCs, University Macs are not supplied with "Tier 1" software (http://www.bris.ac.uk/software/). We pre-install:

  • Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (anti-malware software)
  • Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

On newly-built Macs, a wide range of software is available to University Macs for easy installation using the University Mac Software Centre.

Other software with University licenses is available for self-install, such as Matlab, Maple and SPSS. See https://www.bris.ac.uk/software/software-list/free-software.html

Matlab is available for installation on all desktop and laptop Mac devices. For further information, including advice on the products available and guidance on how to install the software, please click here.

Note: We do not support "Bootcamp"-installed Windows on University Macs. Mac laptops are unsuitable for running a secure installation of Windows due to their inability to utilise Microsoft's Bitlocker encryption technology, and we don't currently have the infrastructure to maintain a secure, managed virtual Windows installation on desktop computers.