Connecting to MyFiles

How to access MyFiles from your Mac

MyFiles is the central staff and student filestore. On University Windows PCs it is normally mapped as the "O:" drive, and is the default home directory. For more information, see the MyFiles information page.


How to determine the path to your MyFiles location

You can determine your MyFiles location by logging into this webpage: Service Desk Personal Information Page

  • Translate the Windows location to a Mac-compatible location as in the following example (by changing backslashes to forward slashes and adding smb: to the beginning):
  • Windows path: \\\filestore\myfiles\staff14\ab12345
  • Mac path: smb://

Please note that this only works with macOS versions 10.7 and above. Apple no longer support 10.6 or older, and neither do we.


Viewing and editing the files on your Mac

Once you know the full network path, you can view / edit them with your Mac as follows:

  • Open a Finder window
  • Click on Go -> Connect to Server
  • In the window that appears type in the path as determined above.

  • Click on Connect. You will then be prompted for your username and password.
  • Once you have connected to the filestore, a Window will open showing the files:


Making filestores automatically available on your Mac

  • First, go to Finder, click on the menu named "Finder", and select Preferences. Ensure that the "Connected Servers" box is ticked.
  • Open System Preferences, then Users & Groups and then click on Login items:

  • Drag the desktop icon representing your MyFiles connection, which will be named as your University username, into the login items box.


This will then add the filestore to the list of items that will be available when you login. Please note that you may still need to re-enter your password when the filestores are mounted on your Mac at login.