Get Your Mac Connected to the University Network


Mac users should follow the instructions at to connect to University wireless networks such as Eduroam.

Visitors bringing devices from other academic institutions can also connect to Eduroam, providing they have already configured the device at their own institution before travelling to Bristol.


Wired Ethernet

University desktop Macs configured by IT Services are eligible for a wired ethernet connection to the campus network. Laptops are not configured ore the wired network by default, but can be connected where necessary (for instance, if no wi-fi is available, or if file transfer speeds are an issue) - contact the Service Desk if your laptop requires this.

Note that most Apple laptops do not come with a built-in ethernet port, so require the purchase of an adapter. This must also be configured by IT Services. See Purchasing for more details.

It is University Policy that personal computers may NOT be connected to the wired campus network.

Staff bringing devices from other institutions cannot connect them to the wired campus network unless the computer is first handed over to IT Services so that it can be configured to be identifiable, manageable, compliant and secure.


Connecting to University Services and Computers from Off-site

See Remote (off-site) access to University resources.