Connecting a Mac to University Filestores

How to access filestores from your Mac

In order to be able to view and edit files that are on other network filestores you will need to:

  1. Know where the files are - the full network path to the files
  2. Have permission to view / edit the files as appropriate.


Filestore locations

The University filestores offered to staff are detailed here:

See also: Connect your Mac to MyFiles.

You may also come across some legacy departmental filestores.


Getting permission to view / edit files

For filestore locations other than MyFiles, someone who you work with in your school, or the School Manager, will have the authority to request that you are granted access to the appropriate filestore. They can request this by emailing the Service Desk,, making sure that they supply the full network path to the files (e.g. \\\folder), your username, and whether you need read-only, or read/write access to the files.


Viewing and editing the files on your Mac

Once you know the full network path to the filestore and have appropriate permissions on the files, you can view / edit them with your Mac as follows:

  • Open a Finder window
  • Click on Go -> Connect to Server
  • In the window that appears type in the path. Remember that paths are in the format smb://, using forward-slash ("/") characters between the path elements. This translates directly from the Windows nomenclature for paths, which uses back-slashes, in the form \\servername\folders. On your Mac, ALL server names should end in, even if you have seen the path on a Windows PC without this.

  • Click on Connect. You will then be prompted for your username and password
  • Once you have connected to the filestore a Window will open showing the files.


Making filestores automatically available on your Mac

  • Go to Finder, click on the menu named Finder, and select Preferences. Ensure that the "Connected Servers" box is ticked.
  • Open System Preferences, then Users & Groups and then click on Login items.

  • Click on the + button underneath the sentence that begins with 'To hide...'

  • Dand drop the filestore icon from the desktop into the Finder Window and then click Add.


This will then add the filestore to the list of items that will be available when you login. Please note that you may still need to re-enter your password when the filestores are mounted on your Mac at startup.