Purchasing a Mac for Home & Personal Use

Purchasing a new computer for your studies: Windows, Mac, Linux?

Based on Eduroam traffic, about 70% of our students own Windows laptops and 30% own Macs. Around 10-15% of staff use Macs. There are very few Linux laptops.

The University works hard to make its software and services work on any computer, but there may be some specialist software associated with your course that is available for Windows only. On the other hand, those undertaking music, media, film, programming and some scientific subjects may find a Mac more suitable. Consult with your Course organisers if you are unsure.

In general, IT Services staff are better equipped to provide support for Windows computers than Mac or Linux computers, which can mean that connecting to University resources such as filestores and printers is more cumbersome. We are working hard to address these issues.

Educational Discount prices

Members of the University can obtain discounted prices on desktop and laptop Macs via the online Apple UK Higher Education Store. The HE store is only available from within the University network. To access it from off campus, first connect to the UoB virtual private network (VPN) or Student Remote Desktop.  Discounted purchases can also be made at physical Apple Stores, such as those in Cabot Circus and Cribbs Causeway, on display of a staff or student uCard.

If purchasing a new Mac, we recommend that you purchase AppleCare, which extends the warranty from 1 to 3 years. The Educational discount on AppleCare is substantial.

Remember that Mac laptops are highly targetted by thieves. You should take steps to secure and insure your laptop.