Domain name registration


Requests need to be sent to the Naming Administrator at JANET by a recognised contact at the University. Send requests for domain name registrations via the Service Desk or create tickets under the "Network Naming (DNS etc)" operator group. A local Naming Administrator will endeavour to provide advice where appropriate in the wording of an application.

Please read the instructions for requesting a domain name from JANET in full before applying as the rules for applying are strict. In most cases requests are rejected because the description for the domain name does not fulfil the requirements listed in the eligibility section 1.2 of the documentation. Most notibly:

ii. part of its set of core activities is to conduct publicly funded academic research where a reasonable proportion of the results are placed in the UK public domain; or

iii. its primary purpose is to provide support (other than teaching) for organisations that work with, and provide other services to, tertiary level educational establishments or the associated research community; or
iv. it has the status of a Learned Society , which is a society that exists to promote an academic discipline or group of disciplines.

Request Template

The domain request template should be completed by filling out the requested name, the organisation that the name represents, the domain owner (normally the University of Bristol) which refers usually to the host of the name. The "desc" sections should be filled out to a maximum width of 80 characters and should provide a full explanation of how the domain name reflects the purpose that it is required for following the eligibility guidelines. The admin-c should be set to the administrative contact for the organisation, the reg-c for a senior representative of the organisation and the tech-c should be left blank so it can be filled out centrally.

Name Servers

Name servers should be left for the central technical representative to fill out. The new domain name will be hosted on the central name servers on successful application. Access to which will be granted to a nominated IT support person if necessary with access to central name registration services (currently Netreg) so that administrative rights can be delegated. If alternative name servers are required then separate reasons must be given for this in the application to the central request rep.


Payment is made via the central registered ISP account. A Purchase Order must be generated and billed to the department or organisation prior to a submission to JANET. The details for this will be completed on your behalf on the application form but please provide budget information when requesting the domain name.