Managed PCs: Your data

It's important that you save your files to a UOB filestore, not just your PC's hard disk. This means that if your PC breaks or is stolen you won't lose any work. It also makes it easier to access your data from other UOB computers or from home.

The simplest place to save appropriate data is MyFiles: your private home folder on the UOB network.

Every University PC automatically connects drive O to MyFiles.

Managed PCs go a step further and connect your personal folders Documents (including Music, Pictures, Videos) and your Desktop – to MyFiles.

So: if you save a file in your Documents folder, it's the same as saving it to the Documents folder in drive O. You are saving to MyFiles and your file is safe and backed-up. When you use another managed computer, the same file can be found in the Documents folder.

All of your personal folders work like this.

Many application settings, like your Chrome bookmarks, will also follow you around from computer to computer. Please see Roaming User Profiles for more information.

If you want to save data directly to your PC, rather than to a folder on the network, you can use the Local documents folder. This will improve the speed of some programs. See Storing data locally for more information.

To see the folders available to you, click your name at the top right of the Start menu, or click Personal folder in any Explorer window:

Every folder shown, with the exception of Local Documents, Downloads and Chrome Local Downloads, will follow you around from computer to computer

You can also go to Computer and open MyFiles (O:)

The Computer screen will also display shared filestores that you have access to, like those for your department or team. If you don't see the filestores you expect, please contact the Service Desk.