Managed PCs: Printing

Your computer should automatically connect you to the correct printers. Please get in touch if this is not happening as we may need to adjust your access.

Some zones provide instructions for manually connecting to a printer; see Links & technical details.

Your PC will also connect you to printers called Print_Release_B&W and Print_Release_Colour. You can print to these queues and then collect your document from any print release device in the University (e.g. photocopiers in libraries). This provides a good backup if your printer is missing or broken. See the Print Release web page for further information.

Alternatively, you can save your document as a PDF and print it from another computer or retrieve it from a University remote desktop.

In Microsoft Office, choose Save AsSave as type: PDF (*.pdf)

In all other programs, print your document to the printer called PDF Writer - bioPDF

A box will then pop up asking where you want to save the document: