Managed PCs: Open Access PCs

This page contains extra information for users of Open Access PCs, such as those in lecture theatres or undergraduate computer rooms.

All public PCs

Open Access PCs work in the same way as other managed PCs, with a few small differences:

  1. You are automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity
  2. In libraries and central study spaces you can lock the computer. In other computer rooms you cannot normally lock the computer.

First login

Your first ever login to an Open Access PC will take a couple of minutes while your profile is created. After this, logins to all Open Access PCs will be much faster - even those that you've never used before. Because of this, we recommend that lecturers make sure that they have logged into an Open Access PC in advance of their first lecture.

Files and folders on the desktop

Unlike other managed computers, Open Access PCs do not connect Windows' desktop to your Desktop folder in MyFiles. This is because it's possible that people giving presentations will have files with sensitive names on their desktop.

You can instead find the contents of your Desktop under ComputerMy Files (O:) → Desktop in any Explorer window, or at O:\Desktop

Lecture theatre PCs

If you need to temporarily save files on the PC, you can use the Local Temporary Storage folder on the desktop. WARNING: these files are deleted on log off.