Managed PCs: Laptops

This page contains extra information for laptop users.

Logging in

You should log in to your laptop with your normal UOB username and password.

The first time you use a laptop, you must log in while connected to the UOB network. After you've logged in once, your laptop will remember your identity, and you can continue to use the same username and password off-campus.

University WiFi

Your laptop will automatically connect to the UOB wireless network while in range of an access point:

To use eduroam at another institution:

  1. Click the network icon in the bottom right corner, and click eduroam.
  2. Use your Bristol username with appended, e.g.
  3. Use your Bristol password.

See the IT Services Wireless web page for more information.

If you turn off WiFi before you log off/shut down, you may find that your next log in is faster.

Installing Toshiba software

You can optionally install a bundle of utilities that unlock extra features on your Toshiba laptop. The most useful of these enables the function buttons at the top of the keyboard that control brightness etc.

To install the Toshiba Value Added Package:

  • StartAll ProgramsInstall Toshiba Value Added Package (button software)

Connecting to the UOB network while offsite (Virtual Private Network)

Junos Pulse, the University's VPN software, is pre-installed on your laptop.

Please see the VPN page for instructions on using it.

Your laptop is able to sync its offline files with MyFiles while connected to the VPN.

Changing network settings

If you need to change network settings to use a non-UOB network:

  1. StartRunncpa.cplOK
  2. right click the relevant connection → Properties → enter University username and password when prompted

Changing power settings

By default, your laptop's power settings are on a schedule suitable for normal 9am - 5pm use. You can temporarily change these settings, but they will reset to the default at some point.

If you want to set your settings to "stick":

  1. Open the Software Center
  2. Open the Options tab and click Do not apply power settings from my IT department to this computer.
  3. Click Apply (bottom right corner).

Offline files

An offline copy of your personal folders (Desktop, Document) is kept on your PC for when the UOB network is not available – for example if working off-site. You can make additional MyFiles folders available offline by right clicking them and selecting Always available offline.

Folders that are available offline have a green sync icon.

For information on saving data directly to your laptop please see Storing data locally.

See Microsoft's page on offline files for more information.

Checking that your offline files have synced

Your laptop automatically syncs its offline folders with MyFiles to ensure that your data is safe and backed up.

It can do this when connected to the Bristol-ManagedPCs on campus or the VPN (Junos Pulse) off campus.

You should regularly check the Sync Center icon in the bottom right corner of your screen:

indicates that everything is working

indicates a conflict (a file has been edited in two places and you need to choose which to keep)

indicates an error (a file cannot sync)

Right click the Sync Center icon and click Sync All to force your computer to sync its offline files.

To fix any problems, double click the Sync Center icon, click View sync results, then right click the error and choose Ignore or Resolve. Options offered will vary depending on which file is selected.

A successful sync looks like this:

See Microsoft's page on sync conflicts for more information.

Disconnecting from MyFiles

Follow these instructions to temporarily disconnect your computer from MyFiles.

This is mostly useful for laptop users on a slow network connection.

To disconnect: go to Computer, then MyFiles (O:), and click the Work Offline button.

Once you've disconnected, you are using a copy of MyFiles held on your PC. Any data saved to your personal folders or MyFiles is actually just being saved to your hard disk. You will still be able to browse the web and do other network tasks as normal.

Please note: while Working Offline, your data is not backed up. The Offline setting persists after restart.

Make sure that you click Work Online as soon as possible to allow your changes to copy to MyFiles.

(Your laptop will still attempt to sync with MyFiles every 2 hours while Working Offline.)