Managed PCs: Installing software

Your managed PC comes with Tier 1 software (Office, Chrome, etc.) pre-installed along with specialist software appropriate to your subject or job.

This section explains how to install extra software. You should follow the steps in order: first check the Software Centre, then try and install the software for just yourself, and finally ask IT Services to install it on your computer, or apply for Elevated User Rights.

1. Software Center

Software Center is a self-help service that lets staff with managed Windows PCs install applications whenever it suits them. Find out more about Software Center.

2. Install software for just yourself

Many software packages can be used without "admin" rights.

Look to download "portable", "zip/zipped" or "exe/executable" versions of software - these can be unpacked and run without installation.

We recommend MyFiles (drive O) as a good location to install small programs. The Local Documents folder (see Storing data locally) can be used for large or disk-intensive programs.

Not all programs will install in this manner but it's worth trying.

3. Elevated User Rights

If the software you need isn't in the Software Centre and can't be installed without admin rights, you have two options:

  1. Contact the Service Desk and we will install the software for you.
  2. Or, if you have a regular work-related need to install software, apply for Elevated User Rights.