Further information on IT access for students leaving the University

Note: the following is planned to change for PGRs (and possibly for taught students) in the near future because data protection legislation demands that the University change the leaving process so that access to data is removed on the day of leaving. This information will be updated as soon as details of the new process are known.

Your student IT account is determined by your status in the University's student record system. If you believe your details to be incorrect, you must contact the relevant manager or administrator in your school/department (i.e. not the IT Services Service Desk) to make changes in the student records system.

Advance warning of account locking

  • A warning is sent shortly before the official end of your course.

Note: the warning is sent to your University email address so it is important to monitor you University email account.

Locking of accounts and deletion of data

  • Access to your IT account is locked either at the end of February or the end of July, depending on your expected end date, and accounts are marked for deletion a week after locking.
  • All files in your MyFiles and OneDrive storage are irreversibly deleted 60 days after access to your account is locked.
  • Emails sent to username@bristol.ac.uk will no longer be delivered. However, if you have/had a Google email account @my.bristol.ac.uk and related Google services, they will remain accessible (for those who graduate successfully). You will need to access the account via the Google website.

Note: PGRs should note that their staff email account will be closed at the same time as their IT accounts and that, for those accounts, all email and documents will be deleted - see further information on the staff leavers page. Emails and data in My.bristol accounts will not be affected.

UCard and Library account expiry information

  • UCard and Library account expiry dates are based on data held in the central student records system and are calculated as follows:
    • Undergraduates: expires on your expected end date.
    • Taught Postgraduates: expires 3 months after your expected end date.
    • PGRs: expires 6 months after your expected end date.
  • If you have completed your programme successfully or have withdrawn, your UCard expiry date will be set to the date you end your programme. This could mean that your UCard expiry date is changed from a date in the future to a date in the past, causing your UCard access to be revoked.

Students finishing current course but planning to return

  • The intention to return does not automatically qualify you to retain your IT account; only once formally registered on a new course do you qualify as a current member of the University.
  • If your department or school requires you to retain access to your student computing facilities in the interim, then you need to ask your department/school to make you an honorary member of staff.